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So, There Is Life Beyond French Fries.

Susan Park

So. With the support of my co-workers, I’m trying this thing where instead of eating French fries for dinner, I eat salads. I know, totally crazy concept, right? Anyways- this is my first attempt at my new healthy lifestyle (if at some point you see me munching on some Cheez-Its, don’t judge, we all have moments of weakness). In my salad is the following awesomeness: red leaf lettuce, which I just learned about from Spark Co-Owner, John! (I know-who doesn’t know what red leaf lettuce is?! I’ve been living under a deep-fried, carb-filled rock), organic chickpeas (hey, did you know they have protein?!), organic carrots, organic tomatoes (organic, organic, organic),  annnnnd the extra special ingredients- sprouted organic pumpkin + sunflower seeds and organic goji berries (Thanks Sima for the tip!).  So basically, tons o’ protein, tons o’ energy, tons o’ happiness- what more could you want from a salad? (Except I probably wouldn’t hate it if there were French fries on top of it but what can ya do.) Dressing is a little bit of rice vinegar and some pepper! So as it turns out, I didn't completely hate it. I think if I keep doing this and make it interesting, I can probably come to love salads...okay, maybe not love but at least stop trying to close my eyes and pretend it's a French fry.  Either way, my tummy definitely feels better after eating that salad than it does after French fries (sigh).

I’m also using this as an opportunity to prep for the 40-Day Detox (next week) so I don’t completely fall apart on the first day. Sign up for it and we can commiserate together over the lack of French fries in our lives.



-Renée M.