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The Benefits of Kombucha


The Benefits of Kombucha

Susan Park

Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, ‘Paleo approved’, Raw, Clean, Pure, Gluten-free, Local, Handmade.

Did you just get a tingle up your spine? Feel very happy inside? Those are some of your favorite words too…just admit it.

Yes, most of us who are making efforts to “live a healthier lifestyle” can search out and spot those words in fine print faster than our 10th grade English teacher could find a missing comma in our term papers! MTO Kombucha (MTOK), locally brewed in Warrenton, VA, is proud of the fact, that not only are these important words to us as well, these words describe our ‘culture’…
Get it? That was a little MTO Kombucha humor for you. Yes I said culture and yes this is about KOMBUCHA, which is made up of bacteria cultures, and well…never mind you get it now.

We have two “cultures” at MTOK—our SCOBYs (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria & Yeast) and our corporate culture. Although all of us take great pride in the quality of our work, we know that our SCOBYs do all the real work. You’ve heard of the saying, “You are what you eat”…right? We all know that is completely relevant for people, but did you know it is relevant for SCOBYs as well? The base for MTOK is a special blend of organic black tea and organic, non-GMO, raw cane sugar. But wait, that’s not all. Wait until you hear about our water! We make our tea with water that comes from a deep, deep well, right at our brewery. We filter our water through a charcoal filter which allows the original, natural elements and minerals to remain.  Our Founder, and Master Brewer, Ralph Crafts, likes to say, “Our water is as pure as water can get!”

Ok, back to SCOBYs 'are what they eat’. Once we place an MTOK SCOBY into one of our vats of freshly brewed organic black tea, that’s when something rather magical begins. Our smart little SCOBY feeds off the organic sugar and caffeine and this “fuels” the fermention process. Over the course of about 3 weeks, our SCOBY not only converts the entire vat of tea into MTOK Kombucha, it also grows an entirely new SCOBY for us to use to start the next vat of MTOK.  We love these cute little SCOBY bucha ‘babies’ and provide an optimal environment for them to thrive and grow, 'one vat at a time'.  When the fermentation process is complete, the brew is harvested, flavored (using all organic ingredients—no juices, extracts, or artificial flavorings), filtered, and bottled.

We think you should know about our corporate culture, too, since it is different from many other kombucha brewers. Our business began in the home of our founder, Ralph Crafts, whose homemade brew made a significant difference in the health of his wife, friends, and neighbors. His home-based efforts evolved into a business with a mission of helping people stay healthy and/or become healthier.

Kombucha has been providing health and vitality in small villages across Asia and Europe for thousands of years, originating in Manchuria around 220 BC. The Ancient Chinese called it the “Elixir of Life”. Historically, people have used fermented drinks like Kombucha to support their overall health, way before the invention of vitamin supplements.  Many cultures (oops there’s that word again) value their families SCOBYs so much, when the daughter moves out to get married, guess what she gets as a family heirloom…yep you guessed it, a SCOBY from the families SCOBY stash. Ok, probably not an actual stash, but it sounds cool to say that.
So why? Why is this a cherished, family heirloom in many cultures? People from around the world have reported the curative and preventative powers of Kombucha for centuries. Kombucha is rich in probiotics, B vitamins, and many healthy acids such as lactic, gluconic, and amino.

Although Kombucha is externally acidic, it is considered a weak acid. This means that once ingested it will bind to minerals and the overall effect will be alkaline to the body. This is very similar to lemons and apple cider vinegar. MTOK drinkers often report more steady energy throughout the day as well. I personally drink mine at 3:00 pm every day! That USED to be the hour of my weakness. The hour where I would start having conversations, myself and I, about chocolate, or maybe another coffee, or chocolate. Thankfully, my new fizzy best friend came into my life, and now I just instantly grab a 'bucha, and then I’m ready to go! Drinking one pint a day helps me to keep away the afternoon doldrums and snack attacks. I actually can’t remember the last time I had a snack. It gives me more energy & focus every day at 3:00, not to mention I CRAVE it and just plain have to have it. I want one right now, actually.

MTO stands for Made-to-Order. Our 19 flavors are made with organic, whole fruits and spices. Once the whole fruits and spices are added to the fermented tea, they set for three days flavoring our happy 'bucha with vibrant, delicious taste. Certain flavors are DELICIOUS mixed together. My favorite?? A pint of Strawberry mixed with a pint of Vanilla. YUM-O!

Kombucha is a great replacement for other beverages that are sweetened with aspartame, full of high fructose corn syrup, and saturated with chemical-laden ingredients. Yuck. It’s also great for people of all ages. One of our youngest customers is six months old! It has very little sugar or calories once it’s fermented and no caffeine. When people ask us how much they should drink, we tell them, your body will tell you. Your body knows what it needs to find balance. Ralph and I were recently talking about MTO Kombucha and he said something that is worth passing on: “I believe MTO Kombucha is as pure a drink as it is possible to make.”  Ya know, Ralph, you Master Brewer you, I have to agree.

Now, off to enjoy mine..


Sara Knight
MTO Kombucha
Northern VA Rep.

*For tastings and home deliveries of MTO's rad Kombucha, contact Sara at 571-247-5176.