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Susan Park

Change is hard. Google top stressors and each one reflects a change. Change in living, job, relationship, eating, etc. each one makes the list. Change takes us out of our comfort zone and into the world of unknown. Change also allows for possibility. When we make room for change a whole new world opens up, of course fear can be there but why not try to shift the focus to the excitement for all that is possible.

This past year has been a year of remarkable change for me.  Each time I stepped out of my comfort zone I could appreciate the radical effects from change. Everything from self-doubt to excitement swirled within making for some rocky moments that I had to meet each time and try to stay present.

I decided to take up dance, which is way out of my comfort zone. Not only did I take up dancing but I took up breakdancing a form of dance that almost demands attention and aggression. Two traits that I would say I do not handle well. Dancing created radical change, including more confidence to just be me, move the way that feels good.  This includes dancing at restaurants, grocery stores, and kitchens when a good song comes on. An uncontrollable smile paints my face and I am able to let go of those watching.

Another radical change was switching from eating animal products to moving to a vegan diet, almost overnight. Nothing else in life has quite changed me like this. I realize that what we put on our plates can cause a lot of concern. Food is such an amazing thing to bond with friends and family over, throw in a vegan at a dinner party and people don’t know how to react. It is difficult I am sure for people who know that I have a dog named Bacon to watch me sit down with giant salads and not judge my decision when they believe it is insane, restrictive, lacking protein, and not like them.

Becoming a vegan gave me the opportunity to have compassion for all those who choose to live differently, are different, the animals living in factory farmed situations, and regardless of what goes on my fork, still love my meat eating family and friends. This choice didn’t turn me into someone who believes they are on a higher path; I believe that I am on the right path for myself.

I also have witnessed other changes including energy levels that rival my daughter, hard workouts with little recovery time needed, normal hormone levels, clear skin, and man do I feel so happy.  

So as you make changes in your own life, start to think of all the negative emotions that come with accepting those changes as detoxing and once time has settled and your changes become the norm settle into the space you made for radical transformation.

Do something different!!!


- Sima Tamaddon from Rx'D Yoga.