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Don't Wait To Weight Train


Don't Wait To Weight Train

Susan Park

Lifting Weights Does Not Mean Bulking Up:

Two common excuses for avoiding weight training are: “I don’t want to get bulky,” or “I don’t have time to workout.” But did you also know that there are numerous benefits to weight training?

With the huge variety of ways to weight train available today (Barre, Yoga +Weights, CrossFit, Resistance Bands, TRX classes), it’s clear that you don’t want to wait to weight train.

According to Ronnie Goff, Principal of Awaken Health and Fitness, a wellness expert, ACSM Health Fitness Specialist and Yoga teacher of 25 years, research points to a variety of benefits to weight training, including:

  • Building lean muscle

  • Reducing body fat

  • Decreasing your risk of developing osteoporosis and heart disease

  • Reducing your risk for back pain

  • Easing symptoms of depression

But what I especially love to see is that weight training gives women a sense of their own power— for some, for the first time in their lives.

Amanda Bishop, Rehab Specialist at Sport & Spine Rehab, CrossFit Coach, and certified yoga instructor and health coach says, “strength training not only builds strong healthy muscles but also build stronger connective tissues and increases joint stability.” Over time this will help prevent injuries.

Where To Start:

Finding the type of weight training that you enjoy can seem as complicated as picking out the right college or spouse, but the best rule of thumb is to try a few different types of weight training to discover what you like. Barre, Yoga + Weights, Bootcamp classes and CrossFit gyms abound in the DMV, so here are the experts’ suggestions for taking that first step.

  • Ask an expert. Choose classes with a knowledgeable instructor who can help ease your fears and teach you correct form.

  • Use light or no weights until you learn proper form for any type of resistance training. You will prevent injuries and stay safe.

  • Don’t be boring. Mix up reps, sets, weights and movements to really challenge your muscles and see results faster.

  • Listen to your body. If a particular exercise does not seem right for you or hurts, find an alternative.

  • Have fun. Grab a workout buddy and hit up a new class.


- Daphne Butas