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Karma's a B*tch...Or is it?


Karma's a B*tch...Or is it?

Susan Park

While the term karma is often tossed around with only a loose observance of what it actually means to individual traditions, let alone as a general concept, karma is not something you should fear will bite you if you don’t pick up that piece of litter.

Karma Yoga is the Yoga of Action. It’s not an occasional choice-by-choice standard to define your character. It’s a lifestyle, a dogma, a discipline, and a commitment beyond yourself. But, once you get started in this lifestyle it’s quite effortless to sustain.

It teaches us humility and compassion through selfless action because we do not expect anything in return for our work. Conducting any project, task, or activity, only becomes yoga when we offer the action to something beyond ourselves; giving the benefits away. This could be to a higher power, an ill family member, or a distant friend. The fruits of your labor become investment capital for the next project, as you become energized and excited about the next opportunity to serve the community.

Ultimately, when we begin to act beyond the consideration of ourselves, we begin to chisel away at the inflated ego. Guess who actually ends up benefiting?


And that’s the premise of Spark Yoga’s upcoming social outreach and Karma Yoga program. As a studio and a team of big-hearted individuals, we’re not only concerned about physical health; we want vibrant hearts, minds, and souls as well! One of the surest ways to make your smile sincere and your heart warm is to give without expectation. Together we can define what it means to be truly socially responsible in the community by encouraging the individual and collective growth of our staff and students.

Stay up-to-date on Spark’s Saturday community classes: donation-based with all proceeds going to a chosen charity, which correlates with a monthly theme. (October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!) There will also be opportunities to exercise your huge heart off the mat with external Karma Yoga field trips and community events, including gardening and supper clubs!


-Erin Nichole



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