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8 Great Gifts to Give This Holiday Season


8 Great Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Susan Park

Giving great gifts doesn’t have to equate to going broke. Listed below are eight excellent gift choices that will undoubtedly appeal to the very unique individuals in your life. And for the price you can eliminate guilt and stress by knowing that your buck is going as far as your bang! Be generous this season without being excessive—after all, gifts are mere symbols of our appreciation for the people in our lives!

1. Silverware that speaks to you.

I love vintage anything and Aly Nickerson of For Such a Time Designs knows how to take it to a whole new level. Based out of Austin, TX, her shop on Etsy is full of beautiful vintage silver spoons, which she stamps with clever affirmations and notes that are sure to remind you of someone special in your life. If you don’t see something that immediately resonates, you can contact her to custom stamp the message or graphic of your choice! Reasonably priced at about $18 per spoon, fork, or knife, this is a great option for the foodie in your life!

2. Good smells that stick.

Nearly every time I walk into a room, especially at the Spark studio, I hear someone ask, “Where’s Erin? I can smell her!” And while that may not always sound like a positive statement, I know that it’s the lovely scent of my Zum Mist that I’m leaving in my wake. I’ve gotten more compliments on this stuff than anything else I own. And for about $10 a bottle, it’s a pretty sweet deal! The bottle lasts for months and really lingers on fabrics. There are over 20 scent options on their website and even an option to create your own custom blend! I personally love the Sea Salt Spray—it’s light and refreshing like a minty mojito!

3. A cookbook that’s as funny as it is delicious.

Thug Kitchen is an incredibly healthy, witty, and vulgar resource for creative cooking. Maybe not suited for the conservative family member or your boss, but it’s a must-give to friends and other kitchen do-gooders in your life! Although there are free recipes on the website, the cookbook is a real gem. The pages are filled with tantalizing photos and the recipes are chock full of witty banter that borders on verbal abuse, albeit in the classiest and most humorous of manners. I received a canvas tote from Thug Kitchen for my birthday this year-- on one side it reads, “Eat like you give a F*CK.” Needless to say I’ve gotten endless compliments, questions, and puzzled looks regarding this tote. A great conversation piece—and only $12!

4. Spa in a jar for the overactive body and mind.

One of the greatest gifts of all is the gift of relaxation. That’s a tricky thing to package up and give away, but these little bath soaks from Biggs & Featherbelle are an excellent step towards letting go of stress! Honestly, even a 5-pound bag of lavender-scented Epsom salt would be a wonderful gift. These jars, however, are packed with high-quality essential oils, fine salts, and various other therapeutic ingredients, depending on the scent you choose. Kick up the luxury factor by adding a nice, scented candle, a luxurious lotion, and a facemask treatment to the gift bag. Encourage that special recipient to combine these elements into a mini spa escape—dim the lights, chuck the phone, and bliss out!

5. For the globetrotter.

Checking off the places you’ve been and is exciting and it’s a great way to kick off meaningful conversations—all for under $20. This scratch-off map from Luckies of London is a neat and classy way to let your globetrotting friends show off their travels! The map can be hung anywhere in the home or office and the countries are scratched away to reveal a new color, indicating: been there, done that!

6. A game that’s politically incorrect and yet so right.

Cards Against Humanity. Enough said.

If you haven’t played it yet, you must stop what you’re doing, buy it immediately and throw a dinner party just so you can play it with the group. This is a game that draws out the humor in some otherwise very uncomfortable topics, effectively allowing us to laugh at ourselves. Once again, this may not suit the conservative family member or friend. Then again, maybe it’s precisely what that person actually needs. This game is a riot and its cards are filled with some of the most absurd and outlandish commentary and statements I’ve ever laid eyes on. Highly recommended! Sense of humor required. Priced at $25.

7. For the spontaneous yogi who appreciates a challenge

This is an item I discovered randomly, but I think it’d make a great resource for a yoga teacher or student that enjoys trying new poses! It’s filled with hundreds of cards with images, names, and details of various poses that are clumped by type. Its sleek shape and form makes it easy to throw in a bag and tote around, unlike some other very bulky asana books. Priced at only $13, it’s a great stocking-stuffer too!

8. The eco-chic phone case that truly showcases individuality.

I love this shop on Etsy, called iMakeTheCase, owned by Daniel Safkow and operated in Santa Ana California. Daniel makes beautiful, intricate cases out of bamboo using a laser cutting technique. The result is perfection. He has cases featuring elaborate Ganesha and sugar skull designs; a realistic Ouiji board, and more simplistic designs with text. If you prefer to show off your own awesome artwork or affirmations you can request a custom order! Priced around $20-25 per case, this is another great go-to gift that still manages to scream unique!



-Erin Nichole