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Welcome to Spark Yoga in Arlington and Fairfax-Mosaic, Virginia! Maintain healthy body and mind through aerial, barre, yoga, circuit and meditation. Spark Yoga is committed to green living and clean air.


10 Things you need to know about ANNE

Susan Park

You know and love their high energy, hard core Spark Barre workouts, but how well do you really know our talented teachers?  Find out what moves SPARK BARRE instructor ANNE to shake, burn, and repeat. 

  1. Motto: Solvitur Ambulando - it is solved by walking
  2. Indulgence: Such a sucker for ice cream novelties...
  3. Items in My Gym Bag: A S’well bottle, sunglasses, and a the bare necessities (wallet, phone, etc.).  I typically run to or from work so I’ve got to keep things light!
  4. Fitness / Wellness Tip: Water! I often joke about “hydrating aggressively” but I cannot overemphasize the importance of flushing out with plenty of water, especially when it’s hot out.
  5. Someday, I’d like to: Open a small food business with my husband!
  6. What I do outside of barre:  Learning the ins and outs of running a small business at Glen’s Garden Market, an all-local grocery/deli/bar north of Dupont Circle.
  7. I’m inspired by: Anyone and everyone who steps forward boldly in pursuit of their dreams. 
  8. A challenge I’ve overcome: Hiking the Appalachian Trail with my husband and dog.
  9. Favorite Hot Beverage: Black coffee - I’m a simple gal. 
  10. Ideal Day: Wake up on the coast of Maine, drink coffee with a view of the ocean, spend the day hiking/foraging, wrap it all up with a lovely meal and some good wine.

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