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Spark Creativity Early: KIDS Yoga with Aminah

Susan Park

KIDS Yoga Class Tuesday Mornings This Summer

KIDS Yoga instructor, AMINAH, talks about the state of the world, how she got into teaching yoga for kids, and the groundbreaking approach for multi­-generational benefits.

Location: Spark Mosaic
Date/Time: Tues 930-1030a

This class is for kids only. Parents can practice T 930a Hot Power Yoga in the adjacent room.

Enroll your child in the six week series or simply join us on a drop-in basis for a few classes!

Q:  What is KIDS Yoga?

KIDS Yoga isn’t simply Adult Yoga for children.  While children’s yoga provides the same range of benefits as an adult practice, the classes are designed to introduce young people to the lifestyle of yoga.  A KIDS yoga practice draws on Kindness, Integrity, Discipline and Serenity.  Each class is taught by EmpathiKIDS founder and certified children yoga’s teacher Aminah Teachout.  

Classes begin with a focusing activity and energetic warm ups.  Then students take an asana adventure somewhere interesting, where they often make animal friends or solve a community problem.  Yoga classes are wonderful opportunities to remind people of the simple practices that keep us healthy and calm - like smiling, breathing deep, drinking lots of water and expressing gratitude often.  Breathing activities, yoga games, self-care and time for relaxation are always part of a KIDS Yoga class, too.  Given the opportunity to be still and imagine children usually share casually afterwards what guided meditation brought them. Spark KIDS Yoga classes emphasize the playful, imaginative and creative aspects of asana and pranyama.    

It is the physical and mental health benefits of yoga that inspires children’s programming at Spark, but it is the FUN that your children have that matters most today and that they will remember most this summer.  Please share Spark Mosaic with families and youth ages 6 to 10!

Q:  How you got into teaching kid's yoga?

A:   I was introduced to Iyengar Yoga for therapeutic purposes as a teenager and have been passionate about yoga as a health intervention even since.  I used to work in public health procurement, managing reproductive health commodities for US Embassies and USAID-funded programs in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I got into teaching children yoga because the state of our global political economy creates an unprecedented amount of stress upon the human race.  The rates of anxiety and depression are at an all time high in our country and childhood obscenity is out of control with 1 in 3 children seriously struggling with their weight and body image. The benefits of yoga directly improve the quality of our lives and promote a healthy lifestyle focused on mindfulness and whole nutrition.  Yoga is, in my humble opinion, the most local, most affordable and most sustainable public intervention we have for happier, healthier kids.  Teaching children the tools of yoga at a young age ensures that they can tap these resources as they become teens and young adults in our busy, transitioning world.  While the difference between little yogis and nonyogis might not be very noticeable under the age of ten, there is a very good likelihood that the lifestyle choices these young people  make will open doorways to greater health and enlightenment in adulthood. 

 Q:   Why is it a valued part of your teaching portfolio?

A:  Children's classes are my favorite because they are much more fun and imaginative than most adult yoga classes.  Creating programming that draws on relatively adult concepts of Kindness, Integrity, Discipline and Serenity has been a valued part of my teaching portfolio because the world of children's yoga is still finding itself to some extent and best practices with different ages groups are sometimes unknown.  We integrate principles of positive psychology into our methodology and stay plugged into current research on brain development.    My EmpathiKIDS partners and I are truly breaking new ground by teaching empathy as a movement art through yoga.  The transformative power of positive reinforcement and guided reflection among young people and their families makes my job as a children's yoga instructor infinitely rewarding.