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Welcome to Spark Yoga in Arlington and Fairfax-Mosaic, Virginia! Maintain healthy body and mind through aerial, barre, yoga, circuit and meditation. Spark Yoga is committed to green living and clean air.



Susan Park

Name: Ariane McCormack

Occupation: Yoga Teacher

 When did you start yoga?  In third year university (1992). I found a class through a coupon book.  I was hooked in the first five minutes of the class. 

How did you find it? I felt this immediate conversation with my body. Expressing 
myself through breath and the movement created a state of blissfulness. I felt at home and 
still do today. Yoga continuously leaves me in a place of enquiry about my body, and 
how min mind thinks. 

How do you find balance? With doing yoga, teaching yoga, doing ultra racing, and managing two awesome 5.5yr olds. Life is all about finding balance.  I think balance for me is to let go of trying to do it all, and perfectly.  The balance is more how I approach things than get them done. 

Places you have been: All four corners of the world

Places you want to go: India, Nepal, back to Europe, Thailand, and wherever you can 
find tall mountains. Lots of mountains!

Favorite Food: Yoghurt! I am a yoghurt monster 

Favorite Pose or Workout: Wherever I can have my head upside down. It can be a 
simple downward dog to any arm balances. 

Best word to describe you: Energetic

Worst word to describe you: Energetic!!!

Your animal spirit is: a horse.  

Happiness is: when I am present and not in my head. When I play with my 
kids and partner, when I run in nature and definitely when I am on my mat.

Favorite Quote: Do your practice…All is coming! -Pattabhi Jois

Wisdom is: learning from your past and doing it better. When have you been most satisfied in your life? When I realized I did not need anything more. The “now” is pretty cool!

Coffee or Tea? A real barista coffee, and a real Indian chai

Love is: Love can’t be found, it is not outside of you. It is when you can find kindness in your 
heart, mixed with vulnerability. Love is how you communicate with yourself and others. 
Love is how you care for yourself and other people in your life. 

Anything else you would like to share? I am so excited to be a part of the Spark family. 
My goal as a teacher and person is to grow with a like minded community. The most 
important thing I want to bring to the class is that we do not have to be so serious when 
doing yoga. Approaching the practice intelligently with a light heart. 

What is a cause that is closest to you heart? Any organization that truly help against cruelty to children and animals.

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