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Suite G
Arlington, VA 22201

(703) 248-9642

Welcome to Spark Yoga in Arlington and Fairfax-Mosaic, Virginia! Maintain healthy body and mind through aerial, barre, yoga, circuit and meditation. Spark Yoga is committed to green living and clean air.


Class Descriptions

Find the Spark Aerial, Barre, Circuit, Meditation, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, or Prenatal Yoga class that works for you! Spark Yoga offers basics, all levels and intermediate instruction. Classes are unheated, warm or hot.

class descriptions

Spark Yoga is proud to offer expert instruction in the complementary disciplines of yoga, barre, aerial acrobatics and meditation.

Our world-class heating and air filtration system delivers precise conditions, maximizes fresh air, and minimizes our carbon footprint.

Choosing a class

Classes are all levels unless indicated otherwise.
Students should try all offerings but respect their own limitations.

*Basics* classes are a great place to start!
New Spark Aerial students must start with Spark Aerial *Basics*.

heat and humidity

Yoga classes are either Hot (H), Warm (W), or Unheated (U).

Hot Classes are above 98F with added humidity.
Warm Classes are gently heated around 90F.
Unheated Classes do not add additional heat or humidity.

spark yoga



Perfect your practice and take flight from your mat! Each Flight Club includes a Rocket-yoga inspired flow, mini-workshops on up to two arm balances or inversions, and a guided free play. Practice concludes with backbends and a grounding, hip-focused cool down. Playful movements and music create a light atmosphere at the end of your week!

Experience: Varies with teacher.
All Levels.

*A strong chaturunga is helpful but not required.*

60 mins W

Power Play

Power + Playlist = Perfect! Get your sweat on with a heart pumping power sequence set to music. Playlists will include pop, hip hop, and old favorites that energize your flow. Check the seriousness at the door and be prepared to laugh and smile as you move your body!

Experience: Varies with teacher.
All Levels.

**Music may include explicit lyrics**

75 mins h

Power Yoga

Step it up a notch as you sweat your way through a vigorous flow that calms the mind, works muscles and burns calories! The Power Vinyasa practice focuses on alignment, breath, and injury prevention. Power Yoga *Basics* is recommended for those new to heated vinyasa yoga.

Experience: Follows the Power Vinyasa sequence.
Levels: Basics or All Levels.

*Spark Yoga's core class with world-class air filtration and ventilation! Breathe free while you sweat!*

60/75 mins H


Prenatal yoga provides a safe space for expecting mothers to move, breathe and connect with their babe and others who are expecting. With all the commotion and excitement of a new member of the family, this unheated class allows calm movements and a peaceful getaway. Class will feature breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises, guided meditation, and an extended savasana.

Experience: Appropriate for long time yogis as well as newcomers at any stage of pregnancy.
All levels.

60 mins U

Vinyasa Yoga

It's all about the flow. Match movement to breath through a series of sequences that help increase flexibility, strength, and overall well-being. Vinyasa *Basics* is great place to work on fundamentals. Vinyasa II offers intermediate students an opportunity to refine advanced asana, arm balances, and inversions.

Experience: Varies with teacher.
Levels: Basics or All Levels.

60/75 mins W

Yin Yoga

This Hatha based practice incorporates yoga and meditation. Students hold seated postures for three to five minutes to improve range of motion, energy flow, and mental stillness. Yin Yoga is a calming yoga practice that balances the Yang forces in our lives such as fiery and powerful yoga practices.

Experience: Varies with teacher.
All levels.

60/75 mins U


Lights off, Spark on! This special candlelight flow matches movement to breath through a series of sequences that help increase flexibility, strength, and overall well-being.

Experience: Varies with teacher.
All levels.

75 mins W

Yoga @ The Wall

Find new possibilities in your yoga practice by using the wall as your tool. Discover your muscles, improve your balance, enhance your standing postures and safely prepare your body for arm balances and inversions with the wall. After powering up your practice, we will turn the wall into a restorative aid. Class ends with relaxing poses using the wall as a support.

Experience: Yoga class at the wall.
Previous yoga experience recommended.

75 mins W




Spark Barre by Spark Yoga is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary barre methods. Spark Barre uses small, controlled movements, as well as weights, to sculpt and tone the core, hips, legs, upper body and seat.  All Spark Barre classes take place at the barre with mirrors and music to aid form and rhythm. Space is limited, so make sure to book in advance. 

Come raise the barre with us!

Spark Barre takes place in an unheated space with a padded, contoured floor and does not require a mat. Socks are suggested.


Spark Barre *Basics*

New to barre or just looking to deepen your practice? Spark Barre Basics is a great place to start! Here you will learn the fundamental positions and movements for a Spark Barre class. Get ready to burn, shake, repeat!

Experience: Varies with teacher but always set to heart thumping music.
Level: Basics.

60 mins U

Spark Barre

Strengthen and lengthen your core, thighs, abs and glutes with intense interval training. Modifications and amplifications will be provided to ensure you have the best Spark Barre class possible. This challenging workout leans and lifts like no other!

Experience: Follows the Spark Barre sequence with slight variations. Always set to heart thumping music.
All levels.

60 mins U



spark AERIAl Acrobatics

Spark Aerial Acrobatics is a fun and fully engaging experience that will challenge you physically and mentally.  Through a combination of tricks, poses, techniques, sequencing, progressions, and dynamic movement, you will build core and upper body strength, work on flexibility, and find grace and balance. And it all starts with a single inversion.  Are you ready to hang?

Spark Aerial takes place in an unheated space with a padded, contoured floor.
We strongly recommend tighter fitting pants or leggings that cover the backs of the knees. 
Not needed: Mats, socks, or other equipment.



Spark Aerial™ *Basics*

Challenge yourself by learning the fundamental skills of Spark Aerial! You will learn inversions, proper form and technique, tricks, and poses to set you up for success in Spark Aerial while strengthening your core and upper body. This class is REQUIRED for first-time fliers.

Experience: No experience necessary.
Level: Fundamentals.

60 mins U

Spark Aerial™

Take your Aerial Basic skills to new heights! Classes will include inversions, upper body strengthening exercises, adventurous tricks and introductions into sequencing.

Experience: Basics.
All levels.

Prerequisite: Spark Aerial *Basics*.

60 mins U

Spark Aerial™ II

Spark Aerial II explores more advanced tricks, challenging transitions and lengtheier sequences while increasing your stamina and endurance.

Experience: Advanced.
Prerequisite: 5-8 Spark Aerial classes or prior instructor approval.
Coming Soon.

60 mins U

spark circuit

Find the strongest expression of yourself. Grab your heaviest set of weights. Let's go!
Recommended: Most supportive active wear.
Yoga Mat Required.
Phones or communication devices are not allowed.

**May contain explicit music


Spark Circuit

Formerly Yoga + Weights

Prepare for a high calorie burn! Spark Circuit combines High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio bursts with weight training and yoga for strength and flexibility. This class is one of Spark's most vigorous offerings! Wear your most supportive clothing and bring your yoga mat!

Experience: Short sprints of cardio, weight training, and yoga release.
All levels. Unheated.

50 mins U


spark meditation

Our minds require rest just like our bodies.
Recommended: Comfortable clothing and a mat or cushion for sitting.
Phones or communication devices are not allowed.


Spark Meditation

Are you interested in exploring meditation? Science has caught on to the powerful benefits of slowing breath and settling into space. Neural self-hacking requires practice, knowledge, and a little will power.

Spark Meditation classes include instruction, dharma talk, guided meditation, and follow-up Q&A.**

Open to regular practitioners, start/stoppers, and the meditation-curious.
Experience: Varies with teacher.

**Please respect start times. Late comers will not be admitted.

45 mins U