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Suite G
Arlington, VA 22201

(703) 248-9642

Welcome to Spark Yoga in Arlington and Fairfax-Mosaic, Virginia! Maintain healthy body and mind through aerial yoga, barre, Pilates, yoga, and yoga + weights. Spark Yoga is committed to green living and clean air.


First Visit

Prior to visiting Spark Yoga for the first time, please create an online account, pick your class, and review our terms and conditions.



spark yoga does not rent yoga mats.
Mats by Manduka and Yoga Design Lab are available for purchase in our boutique.


Thanks for visiting. There is a lot to explore at Spark. Here is what to do next:



Before your first visit, please create an online account in the Spark Yoga online registration system.

  • All visitors must register for an online account and sign our electronic liability waiver.
  • Please check "Subscribe to email reminders & notifications" to receive receipts and waitlist confirmations!
  • We recommend managing your schedule using our smartphone app for Apple or Android devices.
  • Each visitor is required to have their own online account with a unique email address.
    • Multiple online accounts are not permitted.
    • Class purchases may not be shared.
    • Young yogis age 13 and up must practice with a parent or legal guardian.

2. purchase the right class pack

We offer a wide variety of pricing options.

  • Our First Week $20 promotion is a great way for new students to sample all that Spark offers!
  • Membership is the most cost effective way to join the Spark Yoga community.
  • For your security, class purchases may not be shared between accounts or transferred.
    • This includes workshops and events.
    • Partners, friends, and relatives must purchase credits through their own online account.
  • NOTE: Purchasing a class credit is not the same as enrolling in a class.


Signing Up for Class

  • Visit our online schedule and click "Sign Up" next to the class you would like to attend.
  • Please review our class descriptions. We want you to get the most out of your experience! 
  • Walk-ins are always welcome, space permitting.
  • We offer a wide variety of classes led by amazing and unique teachers
  • Please review our Studio Etiquette.
  • Please note Spark Yoga's unique, green and health conscious approach to heat and energy use.
  • NOTE: The class cancellation window is 8 hours.
    • If you late cancel within 8 hours of a class, then you will lose your class credit.
    • Kindly note that exceptions are not permitted.
    • Members with excessive late cancellations may lose online booking privileges.

New to Spark Aerial Yoga

  • Please read about Spark Aerial Yoga. Aerial Yoga *Basics* is a great place to start. 
  • Gear to bring: No mat, socks or shoes required. Bring water bottle. 
  • Students are REQUIRED to wear clothing that covers the underarms.
  • No jewelry, zippers, or other items that may snag on the silk hammock. 
  • No dizzying patterned clothing. Please wear solid colors.

New to Spark Barre

  • Spark Barre classes are high-intensity ALL LEVELS classes unless indicated otherwise. 
  • Gear to bring: No mat required. Bring water bottle.  
  • No shoes or socks.

New to Spark Circuit

  • Spark Circuit classes combine cardio bursts with weight training and yoga for strength and flexibility. 
  • Gear to bring: Mat, towel, water bottle.
  • No shoes or socks.

New to Spark Meditation

  • Meditation classes are ALL LEVELS unless indicated otherwise. 
  • Gear to bring: No mat required. Water bottle and/or meditation pillow welcome.
  • No shoes or socks. 

New to Spark Yoga

  • Spark Yoga classes are ALL LEVELS unless indicated otherwise.
  • Any class with *Basics* in the name will provide a firm foundation for your yoga journey.
  • Gear to bring: Mat, Towel, Water Bottle. 
  • No shoes or socks.