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Suite G
Arlington, VA 22201

(703) 248-9642

Welcome to Spark Yoga in Arlington and Fairfax-Mosaic, Virginia! Maintain healthy body and mind through aerial, barre, yoga, circuit and meditation. Spark Yoga is committed to green living and clean air.

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Spark Aerial

Spark Aerial is a unique aerial art designed by Spark Yoga for beginners as well as seasoned athletes.



Spark Aerial is a fun and fully engaging experience that will challenge you physically and mentally.  Through a combination of tricks, poses, techniques, sequencing, progressions, and dynamic movement, you will build core and upper body strength, work on flexibility, and find grace and balance. And it all starts with a single inversion.  
Are you ready to hang?

We strongly recommend tighter fitting pants or leggings that cover the backs of the knees.
We require no additional equipment.
No jewelry or clothing with zippers or buttons.

Space is limited, so please register in advance. We look forward to flying with you!

All Spark Aerial classes are held at Spark Yoga - Arlington only.


Spark Aerial
class descriptions


Spark Aerial™ *Basics*

Challenge yourself by learning the fundamental skills of Spark Aerial Hammock! No matter your previous experience, or not, in gymnastics, dance, yoga, or even aerial yoga, if you have taken fewer than 3 aerial circus classes (silks, hammock/sling, trapeze, or hoop/lyra) before, please start here. Because Spark Aerial Hammock is circus based, this class will be different from aerial yoga. In it, you will learn the building blocks of the aerial arts; inversions, leg and hand wraps, proper form and technique, tricks, and poses to set you up for success in Spark Aerial while strengthening your core and upper body. This class is REQUIRED for first-time fliers.

Experience: We recommend this class for those who:

*Have little or no experience on any of the following circus apparatuses (silks, hammock/sling, static trapeze, hoop/lyra).

*Would like to learn the fundamentals of hammock while building strength and flexibility.

*Are not familiar with terms such as diaper wrap, pullover, dead hang.

*Are not comfortable inverting or standing in the fabrics without instruction.

Level: Fundamentals.

60 mins U

Spark Aerial™ 1

Feeling confident upside down? Able to hook your knees and climb into diaper with relative ease? No longer frozen when asked to properly move from a sit to standing position? Fabulous! It sounds like you are ready to take Spark Aerial 1, where we will take your newly acquired skills to new heights. Classes will include inversions, upper body strengthening exercises, adventurous tricks and introductions into sequencing.

Prerequisites: At least 3 Spark Basics classes, or the equivalent experience with aerial hammock/sling.

Suited for students who are able to perform the following:

*Ability to invert into the hammock, and hook knees with no instruction.

*Ability to move comfortably from a sit to a stand in the hammock.

*Ability to do a flexed arm hang in a tuck for 5 seconds.

* Have a few fun tricks and poses under your belt.

Level: 1.

60 mins U

Spark Aerial™ II

Spark Aerial II explores more advanced tricks, challenging transitions and lengtheier sequences while increasing your stamina and endurance. Much of the class will be spent with feet in the air, challenging yourself to find new pathways and explore old ones. We might even sprinkle in a little choreography.

Prerequisites: Minimum of 7 Spark Aerial I classes or prior instructor approval. Students should be able to perform the following:
*Working towards or master of inversions in the air.

*Pullover into the hammock.

*2-3 pullups.

*Ability to hold a flexed arm hang for 20 seconds.

*Stay in the air for 3 minutes without coming down.

*Ability to hold a flamenco grip.

Level: 2.

60 mins U


Aerial Private and Private Group Rates

Spark Yoga is excited to offer private and group rates for parties, companies, and special events.
Each attendee will need to create an online account and sign our electronic liability waiver.
Group rate purchases may be made through individual accounts or as a single transaction using a gift card.
To request a private booking, please click on the link below.

1 student$125 / student
2 students$95 / student ($190 total)
3 students$85 / student ($255 total)
4 students $75 / student ($300 total)
5 students $70 / student ($350 total)
6 students$65 / student ($390 total)
7 students$60 / student ($420 total)


Kindly note that our aerial room accommodates a maximum of 7 students at one time.
We are typically available for private classes between 1pm and 4pm each day.
Aerial Private sessions are 60 minutes in length.

Here is what we will need to know from you:

  • Number of students

  • Date/time preference

  • A list of all attendee names so that we may confirm the booking.

You should know that...

  • Each student will need to purchase the appropriate Aerial Private pricing option in their account. This may be handled in one of two ways:

  • Each attendee may purchase directly through their account.

  • One attendee may purchase the total amount, and then we will then process payment for each attendee.

Last, but not least...

  • We strongly recommend tighter fitting pants or leggings that cover the backs of the knees.

  • No jewelry, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces of any kind.

We look forward to flying with you!

PRIVATE GROUP Cancellation Policy:

no refunds on private bookings.
Must cancel 48 hours in advance for account credit.
full amount will be charged if late cancel or no show.


Spark Aerial In The News

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Annie Yu, "Aerial yoga with the crew at Spark Yoga," FOX 5, 12/3/14

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Melissa Romero, "Aerial Yoga at Spark Yoga," Washingtonian, 12/12/13